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Incredible spots in Barcelona to enjoy a ROSÉ moment

When you can't live without your sandals, you know they're here to stay for a good few months. Yes, ROSÉ lover, summer is here! And with it, endless afternoons and days on the beach. But summer is also the perfect time to make the most of the city when the evening comes. So, if you’re in Barcelona and want to enjoy an incredible setting, sweet shade and the city’s ROSÉ, grab your cans and spend the afternoon at:

El Jardín de la Tamarita

You can find it in the area of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi. If you still haven't visited this urban oasis, now is the time. Full of all sorts of wonderful trees and flowers, this garden is perfect for enjoying the breeze and good company.

We recommend: Our canned BORN ROSÉ and parmesan cubes.

Plaça de Sant Vicenç in Sarrià

This is one of the most pictured squares that is packed full of charm. When you first go there, you'll feel like you've entered a time warp. Picturesque, peaceful and perfect to enjoy when the sun has cooled down.

We recommend: Our canned BORN ROSÉ Bubbles and a good mix of seasonal fruit.

The Bunkers viewpoint in Carmel

Getting here is not easy if the sun is scorching hot. That’s why we recommend you visit it in the late afternoon. This viewpoint is located in Carmel, at the top of Turó de la Rovira. From here you’ll be amazed by the 360º view you’ll have of the city. It's well worth the effort!

We recommend: A mix of our ROSÉ on-the-go. You’ll be able to enjoy hours and hours of a great impromptu picnic. Serve with a tempting mix of beetroot hummus or tzatziki.

The beach!

In summer Barceloneta is a meeting place and a very busy area. Buuuut when the sun says good night, there are stretches of sand to enjoy barefoot. Come to this area of Barcelona at dusk and marvel at a different city.

We recommend: Either of our two ROSÉs... With or without bubbles, they both go perfectly with the Mediterranean!

ROSÉ lover, take note of these places. Because if you accompany them with good company and ROSÉ, they’ll be unforgettable! And if you still haven’t tried our ROSÉ on-the-go, don’t wait any longer to take your cans (with or without bubbles) wherever you want. Great plans to look forward to!