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Reyes night: The most Magical of the Year

You can feel the emotion in the streets of Barcelona today. At home, it’s quick dinners and running down the hall to put on your pjs and clean shoes. Today’s the only night of the year you want to sleep early, so you can make room for magic. It's la Noche de Reyes!

Every year, on the night of the 5th of January, the Kings fly from the Orient to visit the homes of little ones. Although, in reality, there’s no one in the house who’s not excited as they wait for them to arrive. The nerves set in weeks before, when the children begin to write their letters to the Kings. After explaining how well they’ve behaved the year before and promising to do the same in the year that’s beginning, the little ones make their wishes known. Trains, puzzles, and games for them. Gourmet delicacies, clothes, and accessories for their parents. So that no one’s left without a gift!

Fotos Instagram: @tmb_bcn y @sandrix_r

The 5th is the longest day of the year, the hours pass slowly with a single thought in mind. To go to bed so that the Kings can enter into your house! But before, it’s time to go horseback riding. In Barcelona the kings arrive by sea and their procession through the city is an important event. This year we’ll watch it on tv. That way we can go to bed earlier!

A Banquet to Regain Strength

On this night, things are always a little chaotic at home. It’s because we know that the Kings’ work is hungry work. Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar need to regain their strength, before continuing to give out presents. That’s why we’ve prepared a spread that’ll be difficult for them to forget. A real banquet with ham, toast, and chocolate candy for dessert. And it wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of Rosé Wine, a bottle of Sparkling Rose Wine, and three Riedel glasses, so that everyone can toast together on this special evening.

While the little ones head off to bed full of excitement, the adults have put together their own Kings’ celebration. Let’s see if they are the only ones toasting tonight!

Kings, we are waiting for you!

¡Feliz Noche de Reyes!