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A Candle Full of Barcelona’s History for your ROSÉ Moment

If there’s a place in the world that’s full of magical corners, it’s got to be the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona. It’s kind of like a cobbled labyrinth, where new businesses and designers coexist alongside some of the most historical businesses in the city. Today we’re gonna visit one of them: La Cerería Subirà (Baixada de la Llibreteria, 7, 08002 Barcelona), the oldest shop in Barcelona.

Walking through the doors of la Cerería Subirà or Cereria Barcelona means immersing yourself in a piece of our history because… they’ve been making candles for more than 250 years is the perfect candle shop barcelona! Which is as many years as its pre-modernist decor is old. Still conserving the long counters that were used to display textiles before the shop became a candle shop in Barcelona. Behind them, Pilar Subirà, the heir and owner of the business, will tell anyone who asks that her goal is to maintain the tradition of a trade that’s being lost. 

Cerería Subirà

Photo: Cerería Subirà
Photo: @tegamini
Photo: @bcnmagica

And this is because their candles history are still manufactured in an artisanal manner. From the choice of materials to the moulding of the candle figurines. The use of soy wax or organically-cultivated palm wax, the pigments, the aromas…. they take care of every last detail!

Candle history

La Cereria barcelona or Cerería Subirà’s antique counters have been laden with candles of all shapes and sizes since 1971. From the most traditional tapers to galet-shaped candles - the traditional pasta that Catalans enjoy at Christmas.

After so many years in the business, there’s no question that the Subirà family know all of the secrets of the candle-making world. That’s why they only entrust the very best with making their candles. Like the one you’ll find in our Candle Lovers Pack. A pink candle from Barcelona (like us!), from Cerabella, that goes perfectly with BORN ROSÉ Mediterranean flavors, thanks to its yummy Fig&Wood aroma.

Light it and fill your ROSÉ Moment with history.