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The “aperitivo” moment, is a rosé moment.

More than a moment in the day, it is a custom. It is more! It is a lifestyle! It is a cure! Can you guess what it is? Yes, that’s it. We’re talking about the aperitif, aka the aperitivo moment.

Although its tradition is rooted in the “boot” country, the truth is that its origins go back to ancient Greece. Around the year 5 BC a drink based on wine, absinth and herbs was formulated with the objective of whetting your appetite before eating. Yes, this was the origin of one of our greatest cultural prides and that for centuries, we defended cocktail stick in hand.

What is aperitivo moment?

The “aperitivo” moment is not trivial. It can be said that for us, it is a whole ritual. The terrace with its parasol; the banderilla (tapas on a stick) and the crisps are the main stars; the usual bar so as not to lose the great traditions and vermouth as the classic drink. But as with all traditions, a slight shake-up never hurt either. The saying goes: adapt or...

Far from being purists, there are new alternatives that find their way into our glasses at about one o'clock in the afternoon (when the aperitif is at its peak!) Organic rosé wine is one of them. You may now realise that you've never considered it before but think about all its advantages. Here are some of them:

Rosé is healthier than other alcoholic drinks, its flavour is delicate, it is perfect for drinking cold, you can drink it however you like, and it goes perfectly with any type of food, pincho or tapa… If that sounds good to you, you should know that rosé also contains less sugar than the classic vermouth. Compared to the 2 grams per bottle of BORN ROSÉ, 1 litter of vermouth contains 30 grams of sugar.

Enjoying rosé during the aperitif also avoids a high alcohol content and gives you a milder and lighter taste. The best option to have with a little tapa after the crisps or banderillas.

So APERITIVO moments lovers, the time has come to revolutionise one of the best get-togethers with more flavour and tradition. Welcome Born rosé! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to choose. And that there are other drinks besides vermouth…