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The darkest corners of Barcelona

Few things are more exciting than getting lost in a city to discover all its secrets. I love it! Although to do this I have to go through narrow alleys and enter somewhat inhospitable places... So today I'm making the most of the darkest night of the year to invite you to visit the darkest corners of Barcelona. Dare to join me?

Rambla Catalunya 34 

Building nº34, Ramblas de Catalunya

I put Canned Rosé Wine in my bag and I start my walk in one of the most popular streets in Barcelona, Rambla de Catalunya. There, among many shops and tourists, we find what most people think is the “scariest” place in the whole city. I try to take a peak and I find a building abandoned by its owners many years ago. The reason? It is said, every night strange noises could be heard... Plus, it has been the location where a total of 48 horror films were made! Despite having 10 apartments of 180 square meters in one of the most expensive streets in Barcelona, building nº 34 is still uninhabited… Why is that?

A school of witchcraft

Legend has it that the great professionals of witchcraft came to Barcelona to learn their art. A renowned witchcraft school, located in the Neu de Sant Cugat Street, run by a disciple of the devil himself, she responded to the name "Seca". To be honest with you, I don't know if I dare to walk down this street even now. There might still be some witchcraft left...

Beneath Barcelona

Barcelona is built on the old ruins of Barcino, a Roman city that hid many secret labyrinths and tunnels. Rumor has it that beneath some of the city's gardens many passages and dark galleries are still hidden. Although, the only ones that are uncovered are the ones under the Montjuic Castle. But not many people know that if you enter the Joan Brossa gardens, you'll be able to still see the traces of the underground trains that were used to transport ammunition. 

Devil's figure

I'm exhausted after that walk. So I've decided to head to the Poble Sec area, famous for its nightlife. Although… it seems that near Palau Guëll on Carrer Nou de la Rambla the devil has been spotted several times, among the sounds of chains and heavy thuds. Mmm... will someone come with me?

BooOOoo… Happy Halloween!