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The brands that every rosé lover loves

There is a common theme between those of us who like to drink rosé. Enjoying a relaxing moment, the positivity of living the vie en rosé... So if we share a similar palate, I’m sure we will also have the same taste in certain brands. Consider it done. Today we want to share some of the brands that have already stolen our hearts.


You start to get dressed by your feet, right? So, as the ritual starts with them, we'd better put some cool socks on. The precise socks can even brighten up your day. In Barcelona, Pacific&Co socks, make an impression on everyone. They are full of motifs and burst with colourful touches. The thing is, Pacífico has put sock tan lines back in fashion with those who show them off proudly with shorts. Long live these super socks!


This brand has literally filled Barcelona with patterns. Colourful wallpapers and shirts are the hallmark of a trendy creative duo. Print breakers with an overwhelming personality and boundless imagination. Why wait to get one of their shirts? Pssst… If you would like to see a sample of Batabasta's work, go to @casabonay and enjoy!


They have a message, they are colourful, ephemeral, there are poisonous ones, they are muses, the protagonists in poems… they are flowers! TheColvinCo is proposing we enjoy them in their splendour. And… whose day isn't brightened by a truly beautiful bouquet, colourful and brimming with design? "A bouquet that speaks for you", that's Colvin's message. Hey! You could also send it as a gift to a special someone... so go to their website and scroll on!

Le Periplo

There's no vie en rosé if you have no trips coming up. For any rosé lover, packing your bag and flying away.. is an absolute must. So make room in your bag for Le Periplo guides. You're going to become an outright fan because of how beautiful and complete they are. You'll get to experience your destination like a true local. Let's hear it for this creative duo!

Kave Home

Fill your home with design. That's what Kave Home has achieved. This supercompany offers different styles of furniture and accessories, as well as, delicate colours that are a real feast for the eyes. The best thing is, you can either visit their website or stroll around their two stores, recently opened in Spain. One of them in Barcelona!  


It's about time the Rosé Revolution arrived in our glasses! BORN ROSÉ is the rosé of Barcelona. But it is much more, because it manages to capture SUMMER and the SUN in a bottle. But not in the usual way, with a classic bottle, label and cork. No. The BORN ROSÉ bottle is one you keep and display on your shelf. But, be careful! As soon as you take the top off... sand will start to fall all over your living room. Yes! You'll literally have the beach at home Our rosé is an ode to summer and to living in flip-flops.