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2021, a year full of BORN ROSÉ

ROSÉ lover, 2022 is just around the corner and, of course, melancholy inevitably creeps in before the new year. Today the team looks back on the most important moments of 2021. The surprise? We’ve surprised ourselves with everything we have accomplished. And yes, everything we have achieved... has been THANKS to all of you. So, as well as thanking you all very much, we want to share with you these moments that are also yours.


February- We start the year with a new coupage


It couldn't be any other way! We went to Penedès and in February our newest coupage was finally real. In 2022 we have already marked March on the calendar to start the next one. Can't wait!


March- BORN ROSÉ spelled with an A


On March 8th, we launched our own I Choose manifesto to the world, based on all the women who inspire us. 

Go cans go!


ROSÉ can also be enjoyed in a canOur Canned BORN ROSÉ and BORN ROSÉ with Bubbles came back stronger than ever. Smash hit!


April- Like every year, Sant Jordi!


With Sant Jordi come books and roses. So we could not miss our special congratulations to all the ROSÉ lovers who feel Barcelona close to them no matter where they are

May- We are 2 years old!


This year we celebrated our birthday... in style! And we did it by organising a massive giveaway where the main prize was none other than... a 2-people trip to Barcelona for two nights in a hotel! Wait 'till you see what we do when we reach three


June- A very special launch


503 BORN ROSÉ Barcelona is the result of hard work and dedication. Our new ROSÉ arrived in June and made its way into the menus of some of the best restaurants in the country. Those who have stars hanging somewhere in their kitchen. We couldn't be prouder! If you haven't tried it yet, we assure it will be the best companion of your special meals. No time to wait! We highly recommend it. 

Hello again UK!


How we missed you! After a few months without flying to the UK we finally returned to toast the most British of toasts. Without doubt one of our favourite countries!


Here and there


And while we were saying Hello!, we also said Aupa! at the Club de Creativos, event held in San Sebastián. Oh! And we attended the meeting that Barcelona en las Alturas organised in Gaudí’s incredible Bellesguard tower.


July- Without leaving London!


In the UK we didn’t just land. We were also the official ROSÉ of one of London's longest running events, Big Screen LondonGiant screens, live music, a great atmosphere and lots of ROSÉ. A weekend to remember!


A stroll along the canal!


If there's one thing we really love, it's being able to enjoy life. And we do so by travellingThis year we explored the Amsterdam canals at a special event with ROSÉ lovers, that we for sure, won't forget.

Back home


And straight to the Costa Brava! This summer we enjoyed it to the fullest at Mas SorrerAn incredible place! We went back for another year to be the official ROSÉ at Delirium Festival.


August- We take the plunge!


You know we love living barefoot, that's why... in summer we launched a superpack with all the essentials for a perfect summer. Did you play with our special beach ball? Oh yeah!


A Prized Summer


We also had time to leave the beach towel to receive an award that we were very excited about. We stood on the podium with the gold medal in the International Canned Wine Competition 2021 held in the US. On to the next one!


September- We went to a festival!


And one of the biggest. We were the (very proud) Official Partner of Sónar. In our city and surrounded by creativity. We were in our element!


BORN ROSÉ, big time!


You know that for us there is never enough ROSÉ. So we got down to work and launched our LARGE ROSÉ BOTTLE FORMATS. Our usual bottles but in Magnum, Double Magnum and Imperial sizes. They were a hit!

And talking about the harvest… We went back to Penedès


Where we found our head winemaker. Joan Rovira told us aaaaall about our ROSÉs. A real Masterclass!


November Madness


Black Friday arrived this month! And we can only say that this year has been a great success. Thank you all for entrusting us with your toasts!


December- Our family in a box


BORN ROSÉ wanted to end the year with a special pack. And we did! A super ROSÉ-coloured box and inside, all our formats. The best part? We sold out just a few days after launching our Family Pack. Thanks again!


This has been our year so far! And what a year! Thank you again ROSÉ lover! 220 countries, 4 continents and more than 1000 COOL PLACES where you can enjoy BR. Onwards and upwards. Here's to a 2022 full of more ROSÉ!


Let's go 2022 ROSÉ!