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Canned BORN ROSÉ is Back for Good!

Today we woke up crazy with excitement, dreaming about summer and with our minds full of bubbles. The reason we’re like this, dear Rosé Lover…. is because of you! Do you remember when we asked you to help us create our Canned BORN ROSÉ? Well, after months of toasting all together, we’ve got something to tell you. Our cans are back for good! And, they’ve got eveeerything you asked us for. Fresh, comfy, with and without bubbles, perfect to sip on-the-go…. Say hello to Canned BORN ROSÉ! 

BORN ROSÉ en lata

Our Cans: What’s New

The limited superedition of our Canned BORN ROSÉ, we launched last summer, left us speechless. It’s a style you can’t help but to fall in love with it! It’s perfect for taking it to your local park, to a festival, on a picnic or a day trip and, specially,... for making sure you don’t miss a single sunset on the beach! That’s why this year we wanted our Canned BORN ROSÉ to arrive full of exciting new features. You’re gonna love them!

ROSÉ wine or ROSÉ wine with bubbles? We’ve reinvented our iconic cans to introduce you two new designs laden with freshness and with all the flavour of the Mediterranean. And now... you can choose whether you want to enjoy your Canned BORN ROSÉ with delicate bubbles or without. Good thing is, both will always be perfectly cooled, because cans are the best way to keep your Rosé permanently chilled. Just the way you like it! 

BORN ROSÉ en lata

A ROSÉ Planet

Psst… You’re gonna like this bit!

We know you care about the planet too. That’s why you’re gonna love knowing that our cans are made using a highly-recyclable material. We bet you’re gonna fall in love with their design, and it’s highly likely that you’ll end up using them as decor, but if you do recycle them, their material will be reused for another container within 60 days! Yes, you heard us right. Aluminum is the perfect planet-friendly material. To give you an idea, 70% of the aluminum that’s ever been extracted before, is still being used today!

The Power to Make You Travel

Big plans coming up? It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for a picnic in the park, on a trip with your partner or if you’ve organized some snacks on the balcony. Close your eyes, pull up the lid on your Canned BORN ROSÉ and… Shhh… You’ll hear the waves of the Mediterranean. Canned BORN ROSÉ has arrived to make you travel! 

Let’s make a toast to all the adventures that await!